ESPcopter Development Modules

What are Development Modules?

Thanks to its modular structure, you can add new features to ESPcopter By using sensor shields.

ESPcopter Optical Flow Module:

The optical flow module measures the movement of the ESPcopter over the ground, allowing the drone to remain stable in the air and to perform autonomous tasks. You can reach additional information from this site:


Optical Flow Performance: 


Optical Flow Module Connection:

Note: Module direction is important. It should be connected as picture.

ESPcopter Multi-Distance Module:

There are laser sensors on the multi-distance module with 1-meter detection distance facing forward, backward, right and left. With this module, you can do applications such as collision prevention, autonomous flight or hand control according to the distance to the walls.

Other Modules:

Note: Modules direction is important. The arrow direction should be a font of the ESPcopter 

ESPcopter Neopixel Module:

There are 12 NeoPixels in this circular card. It can connect to the ESPcopter's top input pins.

You can use the NeoPixel module to make various light shows while flying with the ESPcopter.

ESPcopter Buzzer Module:

There is one buzzer in the buzzer module. It can connect to the ESPcopter's top input pins.

You can play music through the Buzzer module when you are not flying, and you can hear the warning sounds when you fly.

ESPcopter Temperature Pressure and Humidity module

This module has one BEM280 sensor. It can connect to the ESPcopter's top input pins.

You can use this module to record weather data while flying or you can send these data to your phone or computer over the internet in your IoT project.

ESPcopter Altitude Hold Module

This module has one VL53L0x sensor module. It can connect to the bottom input pins of the ESPcopter.

Using this module, you can measure the height of the ESPcopter up to 1.2 meters and automatically fix the height of the drone.

3-) ESPcopter Calibration