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Wolf asked 2 years ago

Hi guys,
I purchased an ESPcopter a few days ago and I like it, but I have a problem connecting my Windows 10-Netbook to the copter’s WiFi for it is TKIP encryption, which is not supported by Windows 10 any more. I can’t reach the copter with a browser to do calibration, use Blockly etc.
Ist there any solution for that?
Best regards,

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metehanemlik Staff answered 2 years ago

You can use any device like windows 10 android iso etc. We have already tested various platforms. There was a web page loading problem in a few drones because of the software failure. Your drone might use old software. Please update your ESPcopter code and spiff memory. The problem will be fixed 
here is the how-to update espcopter: http://espcopter.com/2017/06/14/uploading-code/