Partnering with Oz Robotics

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Errol Oz asked 2 years ago

Hello,   We are interested in partnering with you as your Reseller or Supplier. We are a Technology Company based out of New York. We partner with companies to resell their products and services on Oz Robotics. com. Upon your reply, we will send you our proposal that outlines the process.   We look forward to hearing from you about a possible partnership.   Best Regards,   Errol Oz                                        Founder and CEO   If you have already responded, please accept our sincere apology, and kindly ignore this email. Thank you.   This is a one-time email. The writing in this letter is privileged for the individual and entity identified in the alias of this letter. If the reader of this letter is not the right person then please deliver it to the appropriate staff. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us by replying to this email. Thank you.