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Benjamin Jacob Reji asked 1 year ago

I ordered two auto-flight kits and one maker kit. I read in another question that an email was sent. I have received no such email from espcopter.com. I checked Spam too.
Where do I get the shipping information? 
Thank you
Have a nice day
[My Order Number: 387]

Side Note: Thank You for the drone, it’s exactly what I had been searching for. As a university student, the ESPcopter is going to be very helpful in my studies. Hopefully, by early to mid-2021, I will be able to make and publish projects for the ESPcopter. The ESPcopter ROS project looks very promising. Question: Should I be referencing anything other than the website (espcopter.com) when publishing the projects? 

metehanemlik Staff replied 1 year ago

Hello Benjamin,

We have sent your order information to your mail. We hope that you will receive it soon. You do not need to refer anything other than the website (espcopter.com). Good luck your project