Misleading information and wrong model in our ESPcopter

ESPcopter CommunityCategory: QuestionsMisleading information and wrong model in our ESPcopter
Titus Rothe asked 5 months ago

we bought the ESPcopter in December 2021 and it arrived in January. We noticed, that the box states that the used ESP is an ESP8266-12E but the ESPcopter itself is an ESP8266-12S. There neither is a documentation for the ESPcopter 3 or any information about the ESP8266-12S on your website or in the box. It doesn’t have a reset or flash button on the board.
We want to flash the board with a new firmware but it doesn’t seem possible. Could you send us an introduction to flash the ESPcopter and a proper board layout.
Best regards,
Titus of the school project team

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metehanemlik Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello ,
ESP8266-12E and ESP8266-12S are actually the same modules. 
You do not need to reset the button.  To flash new firmware, you can use only a USB port. To reset espcopter, please use on-off button 
Here is the espcopter SDK file: http://espcopter.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ESPcopter-SDK-En.pdf
Best regards