Misleading information and wrong model in our ESPcopter

ESPcopter CommunityCategory: QuestionsMisleading information and wrong model in our ESPcopter
Titus Rothe asked 11 months ago

we bought the ESPcopter in December 2021 and it arrived in January. We noticed, that the box states that the used ESP is an ESP8266-12E but the ESPcopter itself is an ESP8266-12S. There neither is a documentation for the ESPcopter 3 or any information about the ESP8266-12S on your website or in the box. It doesn’t have a reset or flash button on the board.
We want to flash the board with a new firmware but it doesn’t seem possible. Could you send us an introduction to flash the ESPcopter and a proper board layout.
Best regards,
Titus of the school project team

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metehanemlik Staff answered 11 months ago

Hello ,
ESP8266-12E and ESP8266-12S are actually the same modules. 
You do not need to reset the button.  To flash new firmware, you can use only a USB port. To reset espcopter, please use on-off button 
Here is the espcopter SDK file: http://espcopter.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ESPcopter-SDK-En.pdf
Best regards