EspCopter Freezes shortly after boot

ESPcopter CommunityCategory: QuestionsEspCopter Freezes shortly after boot
Savio Sciancalepore asked 1 week ago

Hi all,
I have just received an espcopter, and I followed the “Getting Started” guide to set it up with the Arduino IDE.
I was able to successfully update the firmware, and to see something showed on the serial port.
However, after approx 30 seconds, the serial port appears to be not available anymore. Even I try to switch the copter off/on, nothing happens. At random, after approx. 10 minutes, I am able to see the COM port again and to load the software (with the same output as before).
I reproduced the issue using two different laptops, running Windows 10. Did any of you experience a similar issue? How to get rid of it?