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Gianluca asked 2 years ago

I’m the owner of a project that permits students to learn, simulating a car’s manufacturer, all about technology, production process, 3Dprinting and so on.
Teams as mission must assemble a sized scaled car (chassis is an our project) and a drive system based on Arduino to drive car with telemetry. Drive can be done with xbox console and steering wheel and pedals interface.
The Arduino system will be useful to drive cars, boats, plane,  robots and so on.
We want to include also a multicopter in our project and I like Espcopter probject. 
I think that can be drivery by out system.
A question is: I’miei free to program it as I need? The software installed is in source code to be modified?
Can we find an Agreement to introduce Espcopter in our Stem project for Motorsport? 

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metehanemlik Staff answered 2 years ago

Please send email us :