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Learn Robotics By Making and Programming Your Own Drones


What is the Espcopter?

Espcopter it is unique small size mini drone that is a wirelessly networkable, interactive and programmable drone and what’s more Espcopter is suitable for IoT applications you can develop whatever you want to make. it exclusively produced for students, teachers, makers, engineers briefly people who want to learn how to fly a drone. If you are one of these people, there is no the better time to start.

Unlike all mini drones on the market, Espcopter is programmable and wirelessly networkable. It has the most popular and inexpensive wirelessly networkable microcontroller modules called Esp8266-12e. In this way, Espcopter is suitable for  IOT applications you can make weather station or Warning systems briefly whatever you want to make by using various sensors.


EspCopter is a open source mini quadcopter 11-DOF for internet of things, flying,development,teaching or experimentation .


High Quality & Low Price

Espcopter is The Most Affordable Open Source & Programmable Mini-Drone.